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What to do when a caregiver employee asks you to make a new arrangement?

You have just learned that your employee is also a caregiver, because they have requested a meeting to discuss caregiver work conciliation? Where to start?

Here are 4 key steps to prepare for such an interview.


Choose a quiet moment for the meeting in order to be receptive. Allow about 1 h.


Find out about any existing measures in your company, in particular in the collective agreement or the family/work policy.


Prepare for the meeting by identifying what information you need, that is exclusively related to the employee’s role as a caregiver.


Tips for the meeting:

  • Adopt a win/win attitude – quid pro quo – compromise;
  • Think carefully through each assistance measure proposed before agreeing to it. For example, evaluate its financial impact.
  • Agree with your employee that the measures selected are subject to change and  prepare a communication plan outlining the information to be shared with colleagues.

Caregiver family/work policy

After the meeting, why not consider implementing a caregiver family/work policy for all your employees? It would have many advantages, such as clear and uniform guidelines for all, in addition to reducing conflict and having constant demands from different employees.

Thank you on their behalf!