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Caregiver work conciliation

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Employee caregiver work balance

Are you an
informal caregiver?

Here is some practical information to better balance your responsibilities with your professional life. You will find information on financial benefits and available support programs, as well as tips for negotiating flexible work arrangements. These resources can help you find a balance between your work situation and your role as a caregiver.

Are you an employer
or HR manager?

Here is some information to better understand the needs and challenges faced by employees who are also informal caregivers, and to consider why such employees are experiencing increasing employment issues.

You can access resources to help you implement caregiver-friendly workplace policies that can contribute to improving job satisfaction and employee retention.

A new employment reality and a growing social issue

Informal caregivers represent an important part of the active population and their responsibilities can have a significant impact on their income and their family/work balance.

Also, as the population ages, more and more people are finding themselves caring for an aging parent in addition to their own parental responsibilities.

By recognizing and supporting employee-caregiver work conciliation, we can improve the quality of life of caregivers, strengthen the social inclusion of vulnerable people and create healthier and more equitable work environments for all.